TOPS student makes impression with SAT score

Originally published by ABC San Diego – March 4, 2021

A young man from Trenton has a big academic achievement to share.

Maxim Hudgins is an 8th grader studying at the Texas Online Preparatory School.  He’s already taken the SAT college entrance exam and he scored 1220; that puts him in the 83rd percentile of all test-takers (a perfect score is 1600).  He was also recognized by Duke University’s Talent Identification Program for his exceptional SAT score.

Maxim credits his success to a lot of planning.

“Usually before these tests I take a lot of practice tests, and four days a week I have math tutoring.”

Maxim is studying well beyond his grade in several subjects — including science and math. He said he hopes his education will land him a good job so he can make a ton of money and retire early.

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