Virtual learning is a good fit for our family

Originally published by The Columbus Dispatch – November 2, 2020

The sudden transition from in-person learning to online school across the country hasn’t been seamless for everyone. That’s why families deserve to have options for their children’s education. That’s why we need to protect school choice.   

As the mother of three daughters who have been in online school for most of their education, I know this way of learning works and enables kids to succeed in ways their parents wouldn’t have imagined.  

I enrolled my daughters at Ohio Virtual Academy when it became clear how dedicated and passionate they were toward playing competitive soccer. The opportunities we were given through the online platform enabled them to have the perfect balance of athletics while keeping up with their classes.  

If you aren’t happy with your child’s education right now, or are concerned for health reasons, consider online school and keep an open mind to all its advantages and possibilities. We need to make sure every family can choose the school that works for them. 

Carrie Hoover, Dublin 

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