Virtual schools give students a chance to succeed outside of a traditional classroom setting

Originally aired on WRTV – September 4, 2019

INDIANAPOLIS — When you think of starting school, backpacks and lunch bags and rushing to catch the bus are the pictures that come to mind — but some kids are getting their education a little less traditionally.

Virtual school allows students to pull up their work on a desktop or laptop computer, so they can complete it wherever and whenever they need to.

Alicia Gregory, 15, attends the Indiana Digital Learning School by K-12. Her sister enrolled her in the online school after the death of their mother, so she could still keep up with her work.

All of Alicia’s materials are provided to her for free, because although she completes her work online and at home, it’ still considered a public school.

Not everything is on her computer though, she still has book work like traditional students.

Students taking virtual classes still complete all of the core classwork and a variety of electives. They also check in with teachers and go over everything they learn on a regular basis, so it’s not entirely without structure.

“I don’t necessarily have the best transportation to a public school so being able to just bring my computer wherever I go, helps out a lot more,” Alicia said.

Through the online program, Alicia has decided that she wants to be a pharmaceutical scientist. She’s also been able to work on her classes whenever she feels, so she’s planning to graduate early to start her journey into higher education. 

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