WIVA Parent: Protect school choice to preserve options for families

Originally published in The Cap Times – February 6, 2021

I knew early on that I would choose an online school for my daughter Gabriella. I want to have full visibility over her learning environment and be actively involved with her education. Thanks to school choice in Wisconsin, I enrolled her in Wisconsin Virtual Academy (WIVA) and she began kindergarten in September 2020.

With WIVA, I can trust that Gabriella’s teachers have the experience and knowledge to keep her engaged and motivated in an online classroom. She is excited to log on every morning, both to learn and to connect with her teachers and classmates virtually. And with the flexibility of online schooling, I’m easily able to add supplemental material to reinforce her learning and provide a more well-rounded education. She’s already been thriving in this environment, having been recognized by her teacher for her enthusiasm and commitment to attending class and completing assignments.

As a mother, I’m always wanting more for my child. I want her to have a balanced, high-quality education that works for her, and being able to choose where she attends school helps me ensure that she receives that. We must protect school choice so that every Wisconsin family will continue to have options to achieve the same outcome for their children.

Dawn A.

To learn more about Wisconsin Virtual Academy, visit wiva.k12.com

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